Jeni Kristof-Plummer 

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jeni has been a member of the Firm since 1996, when she began as a college intern while attending the University of Texas at Arlington on a Pre-Med Scholarship. In the course of her internship she changed her major, and persuaded Ron Hybarger (our Founder) to allow her the opportunity to carve out a position for herself in Client Services and Firm Operations.  Nearly 20 years later, she now serves as President & Chief Operating Officer with a broad range of experiences in nearly every aspect of the Firm's Services and Operations and takes great pride in the fact that she is still serving many of the same Clients today as she did in those early years with Hybarger & Associates.    



Angela Christofano


Angela Christofano

Executive Vice President 

Investment Management Services

Angela worked closely with our Founder, Ron Hybarger, at a regional bank consulting group before Hybarger & Associates was established.  When Ron embarked on his journey to establish the Firm, he offered her a position to continue to work under his supervision as a Financial Analyst.  Angela accepted his offer and has been an integral part of creating the strong reputation Hybarger & Associates holds today among Community Banks. 

For over 25 years, Angela has continued to exemplify the level of first class service we take great pride in providing to our Clients.   From Forecasting and Quality Control, to Mergers and Acquisitions, Angela has developed expertise in a wide variety of areas in which our Firm supports Small to Mid-Size Community Banks.  Her intimate knowledge of the our Clients’ Balance Sheets and Income Statements, as well as their respective application systems (for Loans, Certificates of Deposit, Savings and Demand Deposit Accounts), has enabled our Firm to be able to easily integrate new Clients with our proprietary Forecasting and Investment Accounting Systems.  

Currently, Angela is the head of the Investment Portfolio Management Division of Hybarger & Associates which involves the execution of investment transactions, as well as the day-to-day accounting and market valuation for our Clients' Securities.  

After all her years of dedication and service, when asked what she values most about her role at Hybarger & Associates, Angela replies, “It’s simple, I value the relationships I have formed with our Clients.  Whether I am helping them with a question regarding their Portfolio, or creating a custom report for a Client’s Board Meeting, it’s very rewarding to know that your experience can make a difference. ”  



Kelly Arnspiger



Kelly Arnspiger

Senior Vice President 

Special Projects & Development

Kelly originally joined the Hybarger & Associates team in 1990, holding a part-time position in the Production Department of our Firm while attending school.  She later came back to the Firm in 1997 as a Forecasting Assistant, after taking time off to raise her son, Ryan Michael.  

Over the years, Kelly has proven to be a vital part of our Firm; excelling in areas of development and innovation.  As a result, she now leads all special projects in terms of Modeling and Reporting Design.  Additionally, she creates our Quality Control System, and assists in our Internal Auditing Division. 

Kelly is also responsible for managing and improving a variety of reporting systems for our Client Banks, including the Director’s Commentary, Medallion Series, Liquidity & Contingency Funding Matrix, the Capital Connections Reporting, as well as the  MacroLink Series ~ Dynamic Strategic Planning Reporting.

Out of all the various areas of the Firm that Kelly contributes too, she enjoys the modeling and programming most of all, as it provides an outlet for her natural creativity.   



Victoria Bernard



Victoria Bernard

Vice President

Forecasting & Interest Rate Risk Management

Victoria joined Hybarger & Associates in 2003.  Due to her hard work ethic and ability to learn quickly, Victoria was soon recognized as an essential part of our Firm. 

For over 10 years, Victoria has produced top quality Forecasting and Interest Rate Risk Analyses and has executed an abundance of projects with an immaculate attention to detail. She has developed expertise in a wide variety of what our Firm has to offer including the Contingency Funding Scenarios for Liquidity and Capital Adequacy Analyses.  Victoria also manages the Forecasting Division, and is responsible for the Quality Control of our Clients’ Board Reporting and any Special Scenarios we may prepare as part of the Firm’s General Consultation.

Whether she is assisting a Client in the preparation of their Budget Assumptions, or fine tuning the preparation of the Earnings at Risk Analysis for Interest Rate Risk – Victoria takes great pride in providing our Client Banks with excellent service and first-class reporting.



Jennifer Johnson



Jennifer Johnson-Miller

Vice President

Client Services & Operations

Jennifer was recruited by founder, Ron Hybarger in 2007 to join the Client Services Division of the Firm as the Production Manager.  Her exceptional attention to detail, project management skills, as well as the personal touch she puts into everything she does, quickly put her on the fast track to heading up our Client Services Division.

Currently, Jennifer runs all day-to-day internal Operations for the Firm, manages the Production Division which prepares our Client Banks’ Reporting Packages, Plans, and Policies for distribution, and works with each of our individual Clients in the coordination of receiving their information each month for the Forecasting team.  She also serves as the primary liaison with each Client as the General Market Deposit Funding Coordinator, and as the project manager in the preparation of our Client Banks’ Safety & Soundness Exams by providing customized Exam Series Reporting for their Regulators. 

When asked what is most important in her role as Vice President of Client Services & Operations she replied, Building relationships is key to me.  I love working with our Clients to not only exceed their expectations in all areas of service, but to also ensure that at the most fundamental level, each of their Board Members and Executive Management have the information they are relying upon to make decisions in the format that works best for them.”