Who We Are


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 Hybarger & Associates, Inc. is a national consulting firm dedicated to providing ideas and solutions to Community Banks in the most fundamental of all areas - that of financial performance.           

For over thirty years, our Firm has taken great pride in the relationships that we have developed with the Executive Management and Board Members of our Client Banks.      

Our Firm works with Clients regulated by a variety of State and Federal Regulatory Agencies and assists in meeting and exceeding all reporting requirements.  One of the true benefits to our services is the fact that the FDIC, OCC, many State Banking Agencies, Federal Reserve Banks, and the SEC closely scrutinize our information systems and policies on a regular basis. 

That close scrutiny allows us to continually challenge ourselves in the development of new “risk assessment tools” and policy issues that will, hopefully, enhance the communication process with your Regulators; but more importantly, provide your Bank with effective Risk Assessment Systems and Management Tools for both the Executive Management Team and Board of Directors.

We invite you to preview and discover for yourself the "tools" that will identify and measure risks and maximize opportunities, within your Bank’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement.


Serving Small to Mid-Size Community Banks over Thirty Years...