"Total Return" Investment Strategy

Investment_Gold CoinsWe seek to maximize long-term Investment Earnings through Strategic Management... 


We provide banks with a "Total Return" Investment Strategy which seeks to maximize long-term Investment Earnings through the management of Interest Income, as well as the strategic management of Securities Gains and Losses. The strategy is well documented along with conservative investment policies in a Comprehensive Funds Management Policy. 

We are not a broker.  However, we do work in an ongoing partnership with Client Banks, as part of our core services, to maximize the Total Return of your Investment Portfolio while still maintaining conservative Investment Portfolio structures and policies, and continually working to minimize fees (in the form of commissions) paid to securities dealers and brokers.

Preliminary Investment Transaction Analysis

The Preliminary Investment Transaction Analysis is designed to identify the potential net economic impact of a proposed securities transaction on the Bank’s Net Income. The basic purpose of this analysis is to provide Management with the information required to determine whether or not a proposed re-positioning of the Investment Portfolio would be potentially beneficial or detrimental to the Bank’s earnings.

The analysis includes a full evaluation of the Maturity, Book Value, Market Value, and Unrealized Gain or Loss, and the "Give-Up" Yield on the Portfolio Securities which are proposed for Sale, as well as the Maturity, Purchase Yield, and Market Value for the proposed new Securities. It also summarizes the estimated Net Change in Average Maturity, Investment Yield, and Net Income, in addition to any Gain or Loss and Net Economic Advantage which would be realized from the proposed transaction. Furthermore, if the proposed transaction would result in a Loss on the Sale of Portfolio Securities, a Loss recapture period and Loss recapture date are computed.

Final Investment Transaction Analysis

The Final Investment Transaction Analysis is identical in form to the Preliminary Investment Transaction Analysis, except that it summarizes the actual Net Economic Impact of an executed securities transaction on the Bank’s Net Portfolio Position. The purpose of this analysis is to provide Management with an accounting of the actual results derived from a re-positioning of the Bank’s Investment Portfolio.

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