Financial Management Series

Investment_Gold CoinsThe Financial Management Series provides detailed accounting information in an easy to read format... 


 The Financial Management Series of reports address the accounting and financial reporting requirements of insured financial institutions. This Series provides a detailed accounting of Interest Accruals, Coupon and Principal Payments, Amortization and Accretion, Securities Purchases and Sales, and "Mark-to-Market" Valuations of Investments.  Other services include the "TEFRA" Reporting for Municipal Securities, the preparation of Call Report information, and the capability for client-specific reporting.  

Below is a list of reports provided in the Financial Management Series:

  • Interest Accrual Report
  • Amortization / Accretion Report
  • Cumulative Amortization / Accretion Report
  • Coupon & Redemption Report
  • Coupon & Redemption Forecast Report
  • Discounted Securities Redemption Report
  • Accounting Summary Report (Monthly and Year-to-Date)
  • Securities Purchased Report
  • Securities Sold Report
  • Securities Disposition Report
  • "Available For Sale" Portfolio Mark-to-Market Report
  • Municipal Securities Tax Stratification Report
  • Tax-Exempt Municipal Securities "TEFRA" Report
  • Call Report (Quarterly)

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