Econometric Series

Investment_Gold CoinsThe Econometric Series provides market and macroeconomic information useful in shaping portfolio strategies... 


 The Econometric Series Reports provide a wide range of market and macroeconomic information which may be useful in shaping portfolio strategies as well as individual investment decisions.  Of particular significance is the attention given to a review of Market Fundamentals, including key economic data and, most notably, the study of the Treasury Yield Curve. 

This type of information and analysis is unique to the InvestWise Management System and can greatly facilitate the correct strategic positioning of the Investment Portfolio for changing market conditions.    

Below is a list of reports provided in the Econometric Series:

  • InvestWise Performance Trend Analysis
  • The Positioning & Planning Model
  • Quarterly Impairment Analysis
  • Econometric Series Booklet
  • Total Return Yield Curve Analysis
  • Market Tracking Historical Analyses

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