Portfolio Management & Accounting

Investment_Gold CoinsWe provide Community Banks with all of the tools required to develop and execute productive Investment Strategies... 


Hybarger & Associates has earned a reputation for expertise through years of conservative, yet highly effective, Investment Portfolio planning and management.

Although we are not a broker, we do work in an ongoing partnership with Client Banks, as part of our core services, to maximize the Total Return of their Portfolio, while still maintaining conservative Investment Portfolio structures and policies by offering:

  • Development of Cyclical and Counter-Cyclical Investment Strategies
  • Continuous Portfolio Assessment
  • Investment Transaction Analyses that allow you to analyze the economic impact both before and after you make a decision
  • Investment Management Techniques that are not dependent upon "calling the market"
  • Positioning & Planning Model
  • Risk Profile / Stop Loss Analyses
  • Funds Management Policies

Our Portfolio Management & Accounting Systems, the InvestWise Series, is a comprehensive accounting, management, and regulatory reporting tool for the Investment Portfolio.  It has been specifically tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of all insured financial institutions that are subject to critical review from Customers and Shareholders, as well as State and Federal Regulatory Agencies.

All banks have solutions...

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