Interest Rate Risk

IRR CompassThe most Comprehensive and Rational Approach to Interest Rate Risk in the industry...


Hybarger & Associates believes that your Bank should have a very realistic idea of how Interest Rate fluctuations might affect your Bank under various Interest Rate conditions.

Our Simulation Forecasting is derived each month from a detailed assessment of your Bank’s Total Financial Reporting System, not just the Call Report.  This in-depth assessment is utilized to simulate how each line item will behave in each future interest rate environment and provides extremely valuable data and economic insights to your Board and Management, not just Regulatory Reporting.

Hybarger & Associates has taken a proactive approach in helping our Client Banks assess and manage Interest Rate Risk and implement Current Regulatory Guidance within their bank.   

Our proven analyses provide results banks can take seriously to drive towards making effective decisions regarding Earnings at Risk, Value at Risk, and Capital at Risk – by answering the questions: 


“What, when, and by how much are my Net Income, Net Interest Income, and Market Valuations expected to change as Interest Rates change in the future?"   

“How might this impact our future Capital Levels and Key Performance Ratios?”