Holding Company Systems

General Consultation

We can provide the tools you

need to engage in a

comprehensive planning effort at

the Holding Company level...


Most of our Clients have Holding Companies. Quite often, in the bank Holding Company environment, little true planning occurs beyond the initial approval process. This can be potentially disastrous if the subsidiary institution's financial performance waivers from the originally projected levels.

Our Firm can provide a detailed Capital & Dividend Plan that can be updated as often as monthly, but certainly after the new Budget is approved and the prior-year tax return is filed. Tax Planning is, of course, a critical element in the comprehensive planning effort that needs to occur at the Holding Company Level.

When properly coordinated with the maintenance of adequate Reserves for Loan Losses and Dividend Payout Ratios, Management can confidently move forward in the knowledge that they have a viable multi-year plan to service debt, provide for sufficient Reserve levels, and maintain adequate Capital Ratios.

Our Firm's Holding Company Forecasting & Reporting Systems, which we refer to as our MasterLink Series, provides a monthly and yearly detailed Balance Sheet configuration and Cash Flow Analysis which allows Management to move forward confidently in the knowledge that they have a viable Multi-Year Plan to service debt, provide for sufficient Reserves, and maintain adequate Capital Ratios.

This special reporting service includes General Consultation in the following areas:

      • 3, 5, & 12 Year Capital & Dividend Planning
      • Capital Adequacy Analysis
      • Capital Restoration Planning
      • Trust Preferred Issues
      • Dividend Planning
      • Tax Planning
      • Sub-S and C-Corp Planning
      • Board of Directors Planning Sessions