General Consultation

General Consultation


General Consultation represents one of the most meaningful aspects of our Comprehensive Services...


We specialize in delivering an integrated package of customized Executive Management Information and Advisory Services to a highly select group of Small to Mid-Size Community Banking Institutions. 

All of our relationships involve General Consultation regarding the Client's various financial strategies and objectives.  Our relationships also include specialized consultation, such as Strategic Ownership Issues, as well as planning related to Mergers and Acquisitions.

Our services are designed around a continuous monthly relationship.  Therefore, we are able to work with the Client as situations arise, with a first-hand understanding - increasing the prospects for a strong, long-term earnings trend.

Although diverse, all of our Clients benefit from our commitment to strong relationships and high standards of personal service, professionalism, and responsiveness for which we are known. 

This commitment enables our Firm to offer opportunities and results to a unique group of Community Banks, along with the powerful products and services normally found only in much larger bank Holding Companies. 

That is why Clients value the access our Firm provides and the opportunity to work with an experienced team of professionals who take a comprehensive approach to:

        • Strategic Ownership Issues
        • Holding Company Planning & Analysis
        • Board of Directors Training & Planning Sessions
        • Strategic Planning
        • Profit Planning & Analysis
        • Tax Planning
        • Enterprise Analyses
        • Regulatory Analysis & Reporting
        • Policy Development
        • Mergers / Acquisitions
        • De novo Charter - Business Development & Planning
        • Corporate Treasury Management Techniques
        • Balance Sheet Pricing Strategies  
        • Continuous Investment Portfolio Assessment


All banks have solutions...

...are you and your Board confident in yours?