Capital Adequacy & Analysis

Capital_Chess PieceCapital Planning & Reporting Systems designed to measure and assess the entire spectrum of Capital Risk Factors to properly assess Capital Adequacy at all appropriate levels... 

Our Capital Connections Systems have been designed specifically, and exclusively, to assure that our Client Banks have a dynamic measurement of Capital Adequacy, given the unique composition of their Balance Sheet.

The Capital Connections Systems not only incorporates current Regulatory Guidance, but also reflects the variable risk factors within a Community Bank's own pursuit of its current Business Plan.

By assessing the various relevant risk factors associated with Capital Maintenance, our Client Banks are able to work confidently, in the knowledge that variable trends within their Balance Sheet and Income Statement will sustain their Capital Levels and assure Growth and Dividend Capacity.

Please click on the available link below to view the Directors' Summary from our Capital Connections Reporting Series: