Performance Analysis

ALM-Compass-100-MagGlassOur efforts are first directed towards preparing a detailed Annual Budget and Baseline Forecast which becomes the basis of all of our Performance Analyses...


Each month, the Performance Analysis Report compares the Bank's Actual Performance to the Budget.  It computes the variances for all Volumes and Rates on all Asset and Liability categories, Interest Income and Interest Expenses, Non-Interest Income and Non-Interest Expenses, Taxes, Net Income and Key Performance Ratios.

These variances are expressed in terms of Actual Dollars and as a Percentage, for the Current Month and on a Year-to-Date basis, and as a comparison to the Prior Month and Prior Year.   Thus, the Performance Analysis Report is an essential ingredient in contributing to the Bank's successful Budgeting and Financial evaluation process.

The Performance Analysis
Report shows
  • Current Month & Year-to-Date  Comparisons of actual operating  Performance to the Budget
  • Prior Month & Prior Year   Comparisons of actual operating  Performance
  • Variances for all Volumes and  Rates expressed in both Dollars    and as a Percentage     

Please click on the links below to view a sample of the Performance Analysis as reflected in the following three levels of reporting detail:

Below is a sample from our Directors' Commentary collection of reporting. Following each quarter-end, this report is provided to both the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Managment for each of our Client Banks: