The Forecasting & Reporting Systems serve as a "road map" for Community Banks...

  Our Forecasting & Reporting Systems are based upon "RobustSimulation Modeling Techniques.  These Systems are designed to ensure that our Client Banks have a reliable framework for measuring the true economic impact of a changing financial environment and viewing the future direction of both their Balance Sheet and Income Statement - thus equipping them to more accurately make decisions and estimate future earnings.

Please click on the links below to see an example of the scope and range of the number of accounts analyzed for two of our Client Banks:

Our Forecasting Systems roll forward each month, as conditions change and as changes are made in each of the the Asset and Liability accounts on a line-item by line-item basis, including repricing characteristics, rate limits, pre-payment speeds and maturities.  This type of vigilance is intended to alert Management, at a very early date, of any possible vulnerability in the Income Statement or any potentially adverse Asset/Liability concentrations in the Balance Sheet. 

Please click on the link below to view a sample of our Forecasting System as reflected for a One-Year Certificate of Deposit:

The Current Year Perspective adjusts each month and contains a combination of both actual and projected data.  The tangible benefit of this type of reporting is the fact that the true economic impact of a changing rate environment and Balance Sheet structure is known immediately. 

The Next Year Forecast and Third Year Forecast are also prepared monthly.  By taking this type of longer term approach in our analysis of a bank's performance, our Clients have sufficient time to make needed structural changes, such as possibly creating new deposit instruments or making adjustments to existing products.  

The Forecasting Reports include:

  • Actual and Projected Data
  • Line-item Detail
  • Volumes & Rates
  • Incorporates Balance Sheet Trends
  • Current / Forecasted Interest Rate Conditions
  • Comprehensive Profit / Loss Report

Please click on the links below to view a sample of the Current Year Perspective Reporting, which includes both Actual and Forecast data as reflected in the following three levels of reporting detail: