ALM-Compass-100-MagGlassWe collaborate with each Client in the development and fine-tuning of the Budget, which is the foundation of our Asset / Liability Management Systems.


As a new Client, our efforts are first directed towards preparing a detailed Annual Budget and a Baseline Forecast which becomes the foundation for our Performance Analysis and Forecasting Systems.  The Budget and Baseline Forecast consists of the projections made for the Current Year's Forecast, Next Year’s Forecast, and the Third Year’s Forecast at the time the Annual Budget is finalized.

As an established Client, the development of the Budget is the result of a continuous process resulting from our Monthly Forecasting efforts.  However, the process is more focused during the fourth quarter of the year.  During this period, the forecast for the coming year becomes the Preliminary Budget which is further refined each month until it is presented to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Please click on the link below to view a sample of the Comparative Performance Report provided during the fourth quarter of the year:


The Annual Budget for the coming year and the Baseline Forecast which covers the following 3 Years, reflect the expected Volume changes in each Asset and Liability Category down to the individual account level, with an assumed Interest Rate Scenario that forecasts the expected Interest Rate Levels at which each Asset and Liability category will be re-priced during each period.


Each month the Budget

is compared to the Bank's... 

  • Actual Monthly Performance  

  • Year-to-Date Performance                


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