The Executive Management Series


The BankLink Solutions ~ Forecasting & Reporting Systems provide various levels of concise reporting to meet the needs of various constituents within the Bank.

The Executive Management Series Reporting is specifically designed so that the entire Asset side of the Balance Sheet will be contained on one page, with all Liabilities on the next page.   

In this manner, when both pages are adjacent to each other, the reader can see the entire Balance Sheet at once for Volumes and Rates, as well as the Income Statement, Key Ratios, and detail on various Interest Income and Expense Accounts.

All pertinent Financial Data is presented in a "user friendly" format of just twelve pages, as a condensed alternative to the multi-page, detailed analyses available in the Account Level Forecasting Series Reporting.  

The Executive Management Series includes the following reports:

The Performance Analysis Section of this report gives the Board a Financial Analysis of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and numerous Key Ratios in comparison to the Budget for the current month and on a year-to-date basis. 

Additionally, it compares the current month’s performance and condition to both the prior month and to the same month one year prior.

The Forecasting Reports show the actual and projected Financial Analysis of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and numerous Key Ratios.

Pen_Sample Report

Please click on the links below to view a sample of the Executive Management Reporting Series:

Performance Analysis

Current Year Perspective