ALM Board Reporting

Blue PenMonthly Board & Executive Management Reporting customized to meet the needs of your Bank...

Hybarger & Associates specializes in providing Community Banks with a monthly package of customized Asset/Liability Reporting for both the Executive Management and the Board of Directors.  This section of the Board Reporting Package delivers the information your Bank needs to identify, measure, and assess risks and opportunities at 3 levels, to meet the needs of the various constituents within the Bank, including:

~ The Directors' Financial Digest

~ The Executive Management Series

~ The Account Level Forecasting Series

Our Firm is able to take your Bank's monthly data and account specific assumptions and turn it around in time for your Board Meeting to deliver the:

~ Performance Analysis

~ Current Year's Perspective

~ Next Year's Forecast 

We have several options for delivery of your Board Reporting Package, and even offer a Client Portal, so that you may log-in to view your Reports on-line, or download a PDF version to save to your PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone.