What Our Clients Say

We believe in our team of professionals, but the final test, really rests with satisfied Clients.  

We would be happy to provide you with a list of Referrals, which includes Clients who have used our Services for some time.  In fact, our average Client Relationship is nearly 20 years.  This kind of loyalty is not developed without delivering value on a continuous basis.  We hope that you will give us an opportunity to demonstrate how we could work with your Bank in a similar manner.  

Below are just a few sentiments from our current Clients regarding their relationship with our Firm...



Asset / Liability Management



“I have purchased interests in other financial institutions over the years, and I would not consider this involvement without the forecasting and analysis provided by Hybarger & Associates. I have been working with Ron Hybarger since 1973, and it is quite refreshing and reassuring to be able to work through the decision-making process with someone who is not only supportive, but also challenges the thought process.” 

Client Since 1974   $845 Million in Assets

Although it was difficult at first to completely understand all of the services that we would obtain from Hybarger & Associates, when we received our initial Forecasting and Planning Models it immediately demonstrated that we had gained a new set of eyes and ears. Hybarger & Associates has given us the opportunity to set, and re-set, the course for our future in a very measurable way.     

Client Since 2011  $206 Million in Assets



General Consultation

General Consultation




"During my banking career of over 40 years, I have seen a lot of changes.  However, there is one thing that I would not change.  I chartered a bank on Long Island over 20 years ago, two of the many highlights of that experience were selling at a good multiple and becoming involved with Hybarger & Associates.  When we chartered our second bank on Long Island, one of our first affiliations was Hybarger & Associates.  I never intend to establish a third bank charter, but if I did, Hybarger & Associates would once again be one of my first calls.” 

Client Since 1995   $500 Million in Assets  

“When I bought an S&L Branch in 1990, it doubled the size of our bank and significantly expanded our market. With the Forecasting and Planning I received from Hybarger & Associates I was immediately able to see the results to demonstrate that we could integrate this acquisition and still protect our profit margin.”    

Client Since 1974   $121 Million in Assets   

“We will take full credit for all the improvements in our performance, but Ron’s analysis and recommendations along the way have been invaluable in providing us with the financial and planning tools necessary to make our decision making process less complicated and more certain.”

Client Since 1988   $227 Million in Assets   



Interest Rate Risk Analysis



"As the OTS was phased out, it was important that our S&L find the best possible means of managing our Interest Rate Risk. While attending a conference at the time, it seemed that whenever I asked one of the participants how they handled particular issues the response that he continually gave was ‘our consultant does that for us.’ The consultant was Hybarger & Associates.” 

Client Since 2011   $54 Million in Assets

"Hybarger’s approach to Asset / Liability Management is ‘state-of-the-art.’ Their approach goes far beyond simply reacting to a quarterly report.  Hybarger’s Simulation Forecasting is the only way to measure IRR - proactively. I highly recommend Hybarger & Associates to community bankers because of their in-depth information services relating to IRR and Net Interest Margin projections, but especially because of their personal touch."  

Client Since 2002   $404 Million in Assets



Portfolio Management & Accounting



"Our bank has relied on Hybarger’s consultation since 1983. We have utilized him in all financial aspects of our banking. The one that has proven most valuable to our bottom-line is Ron’s Investment expertise. Ron’s approach is easily understood by both our Board and Regulators.” 

Client Since 1983   $355 Million in Assets



Strategic Planning

Dynamic Strategic Planning



"When it was necessary to provide a long-term Strategic Plan to the Regulators, Hybarger & Associates was able to provide the complete reporting that complied with their guidelines. Hybarger & Associates has given our shop a quantum leap in defining our goals and a definitive understanding about where we are headed.” 

Client Since 1990   $89 Million in Assets