How are Fees Determined?



With an average client relationship of nearly 20 years, we believe our clients are receiving excellent value in exchange for our professional fees...


Hybarger & Associates believes that you should know your cost each and every month. Therefore, our services are designed around a fixed monthly retainer plus expenses, based upon Asset size.  A one-time set-up fee is also assessed due to the extensive work involved to initiate the fundamental Reporting Systems. 

It is our desire to build a strong relationship with your organization. Therefore, we are accountable for our part of the relationship on a continual basis without the shield of a contract.  The loyalty we have developed with our Clients over the years is the result of delivering value and high performance results, as we continue to create, modify, and upgrade services, as might be required to stay current with a constantly changing industry and regulatory environment.

Given the opportunity, we are confident that you would find our contribution to your Bank's performance far outweighs any expense.