Yield Curve Dynamics ~ Principles & Implications

11/28/17 at 09:55 AM | Published Under Executive Advisories

Yield Curve Dynamics
Principles & Implications

For centuries people were baffled by the strange markings on Egyptian tombs and temples. It was known that these markings were important to the understanding of this remarkable ancient culture. However, the key to this understanding was unavailable.

Once this discovery was made, as any cryptographer knows, unlocking the rest of the puzzle was just a matter of time.

In 1799, a stone was discovered that unlocked these secrets. It is known as the Rosetta Stone. What makes this stone so remarkable is the fact that it contains three exact versions of a decree issued in Memphis by the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The top section was written in hieroglyphics, the second section was in ancient Egyptian, and the third section was in ancient Greek.

Fortunately, we do not have to wait centuries to find significant clues to the perplexing questions that face us as related to the future course of Interest Rates.

While not perfect, once we learn how to properly read and interpret the Yield Curve, it is as if something as foreign as hieroglyphics suddenly becomes incredibly clear and discernable...

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